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We came to the end of the first and the brightest ecological date of spring - the International Bird Day. Starting from this year, the Bird Day has become a real professional holiday for UzSPB supporters. Bird Day 2018 was the most vivid and creative for its 11-year history in our country! Bird observations in five regions of Uzbekistan, scenic shows, exhibitions, master classes, games, quizzes and scientific seminars brought together more than 900 participants! The holiday was largely designed for children: it was attended by about 300 pupils from seven schools, as well as representatives of 'Barkamol avlod' children centers.

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On Sunday, April 1, the first and long-awaited ecological date of spring, the International Bird Day was held in Tashkent Botanical garden! Despite the cloudy day and spring coolness, the holiday turned out to be really warm and bright. Smiles arose on faces of its participants, caused by a variety of contests, master classes and games. The event reached over 90 schoolchildren from different Tashkent schools.

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The Lesser White-fronted Goose was crowned bird of the year 2018 in Uzbekistan! The status of this smallest of all geese in Uzbekistan over the past 35 years has changed from an ordinary hunting species to a globally threatened one. The main threat to him is hunting, as the Lesser White-fronted Goose is virtually indistinguishable from the White-fronted Goose, which is an ordinary hunting species. The constantly decreasing numbers of the Lesser White-fronts require immediate conservation actions!

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'Wetlands for a sustainable urban future' was the name of the round table organized by UzSPB on 2 February in the Institute of Zoology. It joined UzSPB members, representatives of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan and legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (Parliament of Uzbekistan). Participate of the meeting decided that fulfilment of the obligations under the Ramsar Convention depends on effort consolidation of scientific institutions, NGOs and the State Committee for Ecology and Environment Protection.

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On 14-21 January 2018, UzSPB members and supporters participated in the International Waterbird Census (IWC) and organised counts on 20 wetlands in seven regions of Uzbekistan. IWC participants observed over 171,000 birds of 65 species! This number is the highest one in the whole history of IWC in Uzbekistan.

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On 5 January, UzSPB organized its first event in 2018 presenting an exclusive calendar. In the calendar children drawings on pebbles selected by results of the drawing competition were included. Presentation of the calendar brought together pupils, their parents and teachers from five Tashkent schools.

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