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Results of EuroBirdwatch - the most important and large-scale event of all bird lovers have been summed up. Despite the ongoing pandemic, in early October, over 23,000 birdwatchers from 36 countries carried out 1,700 birdwatching events and counted over 6 million birds! On 11 territories in seven regions of Uzbekistan, members and supporters of Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds observed 103 bird species with a total number of almost 40 thousand individuals!

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Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds started the project 'Development and implementation of the programme for monitoring and protection of globally threatened species at the KRB 'Talimarzhan Reservoir' together with land users and conservation authorities.' This project is supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).

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On September 4, Uzbekistan was once again visited by Sociable Lapwing - one of the rarest birds in the world! This globally threatened bird is comparable in its rarity to such endangered animals as the White rhinoceros, Whale shark, Amur tiger and Giant panda.

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The quarantine restrictions did not prevent Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds to adequately represent Uzbekistan on the international map of Spring Alive Programme that brings together conservation organizations from more than 40 countries of Europe, Africa and Central Asia.

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The 27th volume of the Zoological Yearbook of Kazakhstan and Central Asia «Selevinia» was published.

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«Wetlands and Biodiversity» was the theme of the World Wetlands Day 2020. This year, Uzbekistan was widely represented on the World Wetlands Day's map. Four events organized in Uzbekistan were dedicated to the study and protection of wetlands and their biodiversity. The meetings on the topic «Why wetland biodiversity matters?» held in Tashkent city, Samarkand and Kashkadarya regions, as well as in Karakalpakstan were attended by about 170 people.

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For UzSPB members and supporters, the new year traditionally started with participation in the International Waterbird Census (IWC), which takes place in more than 140 countries every winter in mid-January. This winter, IWC counts in Uzbekistan covered 9 water bodies important for wintering and migratory birds in 7 regions of the country. 30 IWC participants registered in different parts of Uzbekistan 79,260 waterfowls of 55 species, including 15 species listed in the National and International Red Data Books including White-headed Duck, Ferruginous Duck, Common Pochard, Black Stork and Northern Lapwing.

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