Over the past weekend, more the 29,000 members and supporters of 35 BirdLife International Partner organizations across Europe and Central Asia observed the fascinating bird migration and watched more than 4.2 Million birds on their way southwards to wintering grounds. Uzbekistan was the only Central Asian country attending EuroBirdwatch 2019.

290 UzSPB members carried out observations at nine natural territories in six regions of Uzbekistan. In total, 38,902 birds of 95 species were observed. With these numbers, UzSPB ranks 13th out of 35 EBW campaign participants. The three most observed species in Uzbekistan were Mallard (12,468), Common Coot (12,261) and Sociable Lapwing (4,685!). When it comes to other spectacular ornithological observations, EBW participants observed Dalmatian Pelican (25), Ferruginous Duck (4), Marbled Teal (10), Steppe Eagle (3), Northern Lapwing (108), Black Stork (10) and Osprey (16).

UzSPB members from Samarkand region joined EuroBirdwatch watching birds at Zarafshan National Park, Chelek fishfarm and Samarkand city. They observed Sykes's Warbler (1), Common Buzzard (3), Turkestan Tit (4), Common Kestrel (6) and Sulphur-bellied Warbler (1).

IBA 'Tudakul water reservoir' took the first place in EuroBirdwatch Uzbekistan sites with 24,000 (!) birds of 31 species counted by Head of UzSPB branch in Bukhara. Dalmatian Pelican (25) and Marbled Teal (10) were most spectacular observations.

EBW19 participants in Karakalpakstan observed 548 birds of 17 species on Ashikul lake. They watched Slender-billed Gull (58), Black-necked Grebe (32), Red-necked Grebe (7), Red-crested Pochard (55), Common Pochard (14) and Northern Shoveler (20).

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