The past weekend, more than 64,000 adults and children observed the miracle of bird migration in 33 European and Central Asian countries. They were enthusiastically taking part in EuroBirdwatch12, BirdLife International's invitation to observe and learn about the fascinating bird migration, as birds fly to their wintering places in the south.

BirdLife Partners across Europe and Central Asia participated organizing more than 2,500 events. And birds again amazed all bird admirers: visitors observed almost six millions birds of many different species crossing sky over their heads.

EuroBirdwatch - BirdLife's annual birdwatching event in Europe - invites all people interested in birds and enables them to hear interesting facts about bird migration and threats they face during their journeys. EuroBirdwatch always provides a great opportunity to raise awareness on bird migration and promotes needed actions to save threatened bird species and their habitats.

"Last but not least, EuroBirdwatch means a perfect chance for all bird lovers to meet and share experiences and enjoy together the miracle of bird migration," says Zdenek Vermouzek, director of Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO), the EuroBirdwatch12 coordinator.

As every year, BirdLife Partners across the Europe and Central Asia prepared various events to attract people of all ages to enjoy birds and discover interesting new facts about bird migration. Organisers hoped to excite participants? interest for birds and their protection because only a strong family of devoted people can make difference and bring hope for threatened birds.

Bird observations were collected in each country and referred to the European Centre, coordinated by CSO/BirdLife Czechia.

Ornithological highlights:

Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds also participated in EuroBirdwatch12 and organized 13 events. Bird observations and educational activities took place in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Namangan, Fergana regions of Uzbekistan and in Karakalpakstan. More than 230 adults and children participated in action and observed over 9,000 birds.

Supported by: BirdLife International NABU

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