Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds continues realization of interactive education program for student bird watching clubs aimed at building a new generation of conservationists in Uzbekistan. As you know on 25th February 2012 on the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Samarkand State University III Republican student conference took place. On the conference members of student clubs proposed different ideas for independent projects. Some of them are just realizing in practice.

At present time by initiative of students active work is carrying out on 3 projects. In May 2012 6 members of "Otus" student club at Karakalpak state University carried out surveys on Ashikul and Akshoky lakes in Karakalpakstan in the framework of project "Research of nesting birds fauna in neighborhood of Akpetkiy lake system". Basing on collected data participants of the project prepare ecological evaluation of rare and threatened bird species in Akpetkiy lake system and develop recommendations for their protection.

In Samarkand supervisor and members of "Flamingo" student birdwatching club realized project aimed at implementation of "Eco dates" manual. On 1st April 2012 students organized celebration of International Bird Day on Faculties of History and Philology in Samarkand State University as well on University avenue. Club members used different methods of celebration this ecological date, described in manual: bird counting in town, interactive lessons in class room, bird watching in "Date with nature" format. Variety of actions allowed attracting more than 60 students and grown-ups. Experience gained by participants of the project during this action was used on 14th May 2012 to organize World Migratory Bird Day in Samarkand. Thanks to this event more than 40 students knew about difficulties which birds face flying over different countries.

Another student project which gave good results is realizing by "Phasianus" student club. It directed at popularization of protection of birds in rural schools by means of nest boxes making and fixing. In April 27-29, 2012 in the framework of project's first stage in Kumishkan village in Tashkent region educational activities for student of 7th and 8th years of school 13 were organized. More than 50 schoolchildren were involved in this action. Program was divided into 3 parts. In first 2 dais during lessons and discussions in class rooms children new a lot of new about birds, their living, habits of migration and nests building. Toshmamatov Sherzod - member of project team told about different types of nest boxes. On the next day participants of the meeting knew about bird species dwelling in Uzbekistan and about rare and endangered birds included in the Red Data Book. Discussion was accompanied by active games. Members of "Phasianus" club together with schoolchildren made different types of nest boxes. On the third day they fixed them on trees in garden.

Children also knew about White-winged Woodpecker - the specie which was chosen as a central figure of Bird of the Year 2012 campaign. Presentation about this bird was shown to participants. After this children draw Woodpeckers and passed their drawings for participation in UzSPB contest. In October, 2012 members of "Phasianus" club will visit Hisorak village in Tashkent region to organize the same meeting with children from school 29.

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