World Migratory Bird Day is celebrating in Uzbekistan from 2011 by staff and members of the leading Republican conservation NGO - Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds (UzSPB). In 2012 educational activities and birdwatching events to mark WMBD took place in Tashkent, Samarkand regions of Uzbekistan and in Karakalpakstan. Totally more than 100 people participated in these days in WMBD events in Uzbekistan. Most of them are students. Thanks to the event they knew for the first time about cultural, social, historic, economic and spiritual connections we have with birds.

Celebration of WMBD campaign in Uzbekistan started from educational activities on one of Important Bird Areas - Dalverzin hunting management area in Tashkent region. 22 persons participated in the event. They are hunters and managers of the territory, students and lecturers of Faculty of Biological Sciences of the National University of Uzbekistan, members and staff of Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds. Participants of the meeting learnt that celebration of ecological dates is a serious instrument of environmental education in a whole world. Information about bird migrations aroused interest of representatives of administration of the hunting management area. Second part of the meeting was held in a format of discussion. Staff and managers of the territory told about habits of settled and migratory bird species dwelling on the territory.

After this all participants of the event in Dalverzin took place in game "Bird Migrations". Thanks to this small staging participants became aware of many difficulties which face birds on the way of migration. Students and grown-ups divided into two teams: migratory birds and threatening factors. Such threatened factors as lines of power supply, fires, poachers and predators were identified. Part of road was designated as a way of migration with place of breeding marked on start and place of wintering marked on finish. Team of students portraying migratory birds lined up on start. Between start and finish hunters and managers of the territory portraying threatening factors located. When birds started migration they faced many barriers on their way. Not many players form "Birds" team finished. After the game UzSPB presented "Eco dates" manual for carrying out of ecological dates in Uzbekistan to managers and staff of the territory.

Celebration of WMBD continued in Tashkent. On 12 May members of "Phasianus" student birdwatching club organized informal lecture for 20 student of the first and second year of Faculty of Biological Sciences of the National University of Uzbekistan. Organizers shared interesting facts about birds' migration with students, provided information about species of migratory birds of Uzbekistan. After this they played a game for identifying birds by their songs and pictures. Participants of the meeting also knew about White-winged Woodpecker - Bird of the Year 2012 in Uzbekistan. Competition for the best drawing or picture of the bird was announced.

On 14 May action to mark WMBD event took place on the Faculty of Philological Sciences of Samarkand State University. More than 40 students of the first year participated in the event. All of them prepared information about migratory bird species beforehand and made a speech on the meeting. Student knew that migratory birds flying over different countries face significant difficulties. To decrease this risk and combine efforts for their protection on flyways, during feeding, wintering and breeding joint efforts on regional and international levels are necessary. "Thanks to the event many students for the first time in their life thought about dangers and risks which wait for birds on flyways and knew about measures taking for their conservation", - told organizer of the event Dr. Leylya Belyalova, teacher of chair of ecology of Samarkand State University.

Members of "Otus" student birdwatching club at Karakalpak State University also joined WMBD. On 12-14 May members of the club together with Chairman of UzSPB Branch in Karakalpakstan participated in expedition in the framework of student ornithological project. Thanks to the expedition students celebrated the event on three natural territories: in Nurantubek riparian forest, on the lakes Ashikul and Akshoki. Students had an opportunity to watch process of migration in nature. We hope that by joint efforts of UzSPB members we could continue and widen celebration of World Migratory Bird Day in Uzbekistan in next years.

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