On October 1-2, 80000 adults and children observed the miracle of the bird migration in 37 European and Central Asian countries. They were enthusiastically taking part in EuroBirdwatch11, BirdLife International's invitation to observe and learn about the fascinating bird migration, as birds fly to their wintering places in the south. BirdLife Partners across Europe and Central Asia participated - from Portugal to Kazakhstan, Cyprus to Finland - organizing 2000 different events.

As usual birds did not disappoint bird lovers: attendees counted more than four million birds of many different species pass overhead. EuroBirdwatch - BirdLife's annual birdwatching event in Europe - aims to raise awareness on bird migration, promoting needed actions to save threatened bird species and their habitats. For many BirdLife Partners the event provides an opportunity to reach new audiences and to attract potential supporters. "This common event of BirdLife organizations is an appeal for safer flyways and to stop the loss of biodiversity", said Fritz Hirt, the EuroBirdwach coordinator. This year BirdLife Partners organized various events to encourage people of all ages to go out, observe, explore and enjoy birds. They were mainly focusing on the protection of migratory birds in their breading areas, on the flyways and in wintering habitats. Bird observations were collected in each country and referred to the European Centre, coordinated by SVS/BirdLife Switzerland.

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This event was also celebrated in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds (UzSPB), being official representative of BirdLife International, initiated autumn bird counting days in Uzbekistan. The initiative was supported by conservationists of Uzbekistan and the first ecological date of October was celebrated widely and in a big way as never before. More than 200 people from 5 regions of Uzbekistan participated in the event and observed more than 4000 birds of 65 species. Counts were carried out in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Fergana regions as well in Karakalpakstan. Place of counts were: Samarkand, Zarafshan nature reserve, valley of Zarafshan river, middle part of Syrdarya river valley, Southern Priaralye, Kokand, Damachi fish farm. Most abundant species were Rock Dove, Common Mayna and Tree Sparrow.

For further information on European Birdwatch please visit www.birdlife-extranet.ch/ebw11.

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